Home Automation
Is Family important to you?
Is Safety important to you?
With Home Automation you can control your home from your phone!
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Power up with the sun, go solar today
Solar energy is transforming the energy landscape, providing clean and affordable electricity to homes and businesses.
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Security & Gate Automation Solutions
Strengthen your security while reducing cost with an advanced smart home security and gate access control system. Quick turnaround time from your initial appointment to installation.
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Open Farming Solutions
Advance you farm to the next level.
Expand without adding more ground!
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About Us

Open Solutions was established in March 2020 and has since been making life easier for our customers. It is our passion to enable families to be in control of their homes and safety. We pride ourselves in being your one-stop solution specialists and making an impact that matters.

Home Automation

Let’s make life easy for you!

Advantages of Home Automation

Comfort and convenience

Energy efficiency

Home management insights

Safety and security

Flexibility and customization


We make life easy for you by providing a wide range of comprehensive solutions to fulfil your home automation, solar, electrical and security needs.

Smart Home

Electrical Services

Security & Gate Automation

Solar Installation

Solar & Battery Backup Systems

Water Pump

Water Pumps & Storage

Farming Solutions